Carrying a Kayak...

Hey got a quick question for yall. First off, I don't have TT yet, just starting to do a bit of research. Here's the question: I was thinking of getting a smaller bumper pull and had thought about strapping down my kayak on top for short trips to the local state parks. My kayak is about 12 foot long and only weighs aobut 50lbs. I was thinking that 2 straps going from side to side would hold it fine. I've seen some rubber or foam cradles to set it in so it wouldn't be sitting directly on the roof. I didn't know if certain trailers had some kind of tie down attachments or if they would be easy to install. Would it be better to have a 'standard' build roof or an 'casita' style glass body??? I usually just haul it in the back of the truck with the tailgate down and was trying to avoid installing any kind of rack system on the truck. Does this sound 'doable' or am I looking for troubles??? Didn't know about the structure strength of trailer roofs... Thanks, Kevin
Carrying a Kayak...

I don't know about other TTs but Colemans can handle various roof top loads. Yakima makes a roof rack system for Colemans that can carry mountain bikes, canoes, coolers, etc. The Colemans have one of the strongest roof supports on the market. Compare and you will agree. Good Luck.

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