CAT and a Freightliner


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Now, the continuing saga of the search for my 1st pusher...

I am going to look at a 35' 97 Allegro Bus w superslide powered by a 275 Cat on a FL chassis.
I have been looking at many. I don't need a slide, but it's hard to find one w/o a slide.

I have the information from the RV Consumer group. Everything looks good for this coach...except the road handling.

Does anyone have 1 that they can share how it handles??

Like a Cummins, can you increase the HP to a Cat?
If I do, will the Allison keep up with the extra horse power? Or are they matched to each other?
I ask this 'cause some of my friends that are mechanics say that I should get at least 300 HP.
Will increased HP on a 35' coach increase the fuel economy?

After I look at that coach, I'm on my way to Lazy Days to 'try on' (I'm 6'6" tall) a few pushers that I have found may work for us and still stay within my budget. Maybe then I can narrow it down even more.

I just re-read my post...I know I jumped around a bit, and have come to the conclusion that the more I know, the more questions I have...

I should change my signature to 'Seeking Guidance'...Aarrr
Re: CAT and a Freightliner

I have a 97 Allegro Bus 35' 230 Cummins and no slide. I get 10 mpg even towing and it has good power. It is a great coach. As far as increasing HP, it is not that easy on a 97. If it is like mine it is a mechanical engine not electronic like the new ones and an HP increase could mean an engine overhaul. I think you will be suprised with the power you have. If it is the MD3060 Allison like mine don't wory about that at all. Back then it was used in trucks and will except the power fine. Good Luck.


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Re: CAT and a Freightliner

I just re-read your post. That's the type I'm lookin for. do you know how rare an Allegro Bus with no slide is?? Hard to find. Glad to hear your happy with it.
Have you had any problems at all with the coach?
If givin the chance, would you purchace one again knowing what you do?
If you could make changes...what would they be?
signed...inquiring DP owner wannabe :approve: