CB Radios and Antenna&#039s

[Dan M] Please help. First of all, is it worth buying a CB Radio to use on the road and Second, what kind is a good one, I&#039m looking for a portable one as we travel in an RV or Van at different times so portability is key. What antenna would one recommend?? Thanks for the answers.
CB Radios and Antenna&#039s

[Jim M] Hi Dan: May not be an optimum soulution, but I bought a $35 Maxon CB from Walmart, hooked it to a magnetic base antenna also from Wal Mart, Hooked up power using a cigar lighter plug and just lay it in the floor and run the antenna out of the window or door of whatever vehicle I am in. Again, it is certainly not an optimum set-up, but it works fine and is very portable. Magnetic mount antenna won&#039t work with motorhome though, you would have to have a dedicated antenna with suitable ground plane.
CB Radios and Antenna&#039s

[RonS] I have a CB in my Motor Home and have not turned in on for a couple of years. The antenna is mounted to the outside door mirror. I have seen small CBs same size as a cell phone at camping world, and you dont need antenna, just plug into lighter socket. My recommendation is get a cell phone. When we travel with other Motor Homes we give them one of our little two way hand held radios (about 75 bucks for a pair) we also use this for my wife to guide me into camping site. They advertize that they work up to two miles.