Ceiling makeover

OK - hopefully this will be my last question as I am almost done revamping my rv - and it's looking great! The ceiling in the rv is old and discolored and washing it has not really done the trick. Can I paint it and if so, with what? Would a coat of Kilz 2 do it? Thanks in advance, Robin
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First rattle out the hat.
What is the material it is made of, vinyl, cloth, panelling ?????????????? Need to know that before anybody can give you a recommendations
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OK - I'm an idiot. I really don't know what the material is :blush: . I think it's vinyl. It's the original material - off white and sticky with age. Although I've washed it - it still has a tacky feel to it. I'm sure it's not cloth and I do not believe that it's paneling? I hope this helps because I really need to do something with it. Thanks, Robin
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I have an Idea. I did it to a collins 5th wheel this past spring. They make a ceiling fabric that you can glue on with spray adhesive. I cut it in 4' long sections to match the seams of the exiting panels since they are seamed at rafters and at the seams I fastened 3/4" thick stained hemlock and around the eges used 1/4 round stained to match the panelling in the rig. Turned out wounderful.
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I have a couple of walls that I want to redo and haven't decided what I'll redo them with, and want to look at all options.
So would the person who mentioned having redone his/her ceiling, would you please post the brand name of the product that you bought, that you put on with the spary adhesive, where you purchased it at, and the name of the spray adhesive.

I think if I ever have to redo a ceiling, I'll :bleh: give it up.
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This was my original post. I decided to just try Kilz 2 Primer. I put on a couple coats - not even washing first in some areas and it turned out great. Looks brand new. Also at Menards they had a liquid that came in a pouch that you can add to your paint - it's a potpourri. In that small enclosed area I didn't smell paint fumes at all - it's great stuff! Good luck!