Changing plugs and plug wires


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OK, I have a new set of plugs and plug wires to put in my ole 89 Winnebago Chieftain. It has the 454 in it. I was gonna change them before I left for wintering South, but after looking at it, I decided to wait until I got home in the spring or do it while South. I was kind of intiminated when looking at it from inside the MH. Is there some tips someone can provide to make this job a little easier? Looks like I have to take a whole lot apart to get to the plugs and wires. Never done this on MH before, but many times on auto. This ole gal still only has 12K on her, but I'm sure the plugs and wire set has never been changed so thought I'd tackle it to see if it helps my MPG even a tid bit. If someone can kind of step me through this I'd be in debt...... ;)
Changing plugs and plug wires

Pretty much like on your car. I lay them all out and do them one at a time. The lengths don't always match exactly but you can tell where you will need the longest ones and where the shortest ones go. Unless you are younger than me don't forget to stretch between plugs otherwise you'll need mother to come pry you out of there when you're done ;)
Changing plugs and plug wires

I recently did it on my 85 Chieftain. Get yourself an old pillow, put it on the air cleaner, lay on it and get comfortable. :) As Krazeehorse said, do one wire/plug at a time and select the wire closest in length to the one you remove. Be sure you keep the wires away from the manifold and lace them neatly through the separators.

One more thing.....get Dielectric Grease from any auto parts store and put it on the plug tip and inside the wire boots (I use a q-tip for this). Besides making it easier to put the boot over the plug, it also keeps the connection from corroding and makes better contact.

It's not bad at all.......Good Luck