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Hi to all members,

I am brand new to this forum so please forgive me if I am in the wrong location for my inquiry into my problem. I have just aquired a 2001 31ft Four Winds Chateau based on a Ford chassie and running the V10 gasoline motor. The onboard generator is a Onan 5000 watt unit, and it is loaded with all the goodies these great motorhomes come with. I am still coming to grips with the size as, being European, all our previous 'vans' have been somewhat smaller, but it is a great drive, and I am sure we are going to love touring the American highways and byways and meeting up with other RV folk I have encountered one problem though, and that is the onboard generator doesn't seem to be charging the auxcillery battery, yet plugging it into an external 110v supply does. I am hoping that is is something simple which I haven't checked but before I get more involved I was wondering if anyone out there might guide me in the right direction as to what the problem could be .



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If shore power charges then house batteries(I think these are your concern) then the Gen should do the same as it uses the same charging system. Reset the breakers on the Gen, next check power at the fuse( breaker) box, power should be the same Gen or shore power. If this shows a problem then it could be the Gen itself or the switch that automaticly switch's from shore to Gen power. I am assuming that with the Gen running you have 120 volts in the coach.


C Nash

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The gen will have to run a long time to recharge the batteries if they are dead or low of charge. You should have guages somewhere inside to show batt condition, If not you need to ck voltage at batt with vom meter with gen running. Like Len I am assumimg you have 120 in coach with gen running.
Hi Len and Chelse,
Thank you for your advice , as I am not actually in Florida at this time of year but in our house in Spain, I will get my friend who is looking after the 'van', into checking the fuses and breakers, and hope that it's not an actual genset problem. I can confirm though that the genset operates all the 110v interior devises , a/c, fridge/freezer. microwave etc. so we might get away without too much expence !!