charging batterys

Can i still charge my batterys while the camper is plugged in to shore power Would like to use trickle charger to hepl charge while invertor is charging

C Nash

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Re: charging batterys

Why :question: Does the invertor not charge quick enough? How long would you be charging? Guess you are getting ready for Tallladega this week end :approve: Watch the water level in the batteries if you add trickle charge


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Re: charging batterys

A good inverter has a pretty good battery charger in it. Adding anything is probably not a good idea; it may confuse the inverter charger. Now if you are NOT plugged into shore power, then there are several options to charge/maintain the batteries.
Re: charging batterys

You may not want to do that. Sometimes you can do damage to the converter by chaging double. Some converter get damaged when you start your vehicle while still plugged into shore power. If you have a Power Source by Todd industries don't do it. If you have a Magnetek 3200 or 6300 series it can burn out the ballast resistor that is part of the charge circuit. Alot of the newer ones are protected better than the older ones but I would err on the side or caution.
Re: charging batterys

C Nash not going to talladega but wish i was heading to moosehead lake region in Maine to partridge hunt and help some moose hunters 25-30 nite time lows in the forcast need my batterys up to par there aint no hook ups 30-40 miles back in the woods you guys should check the north maine woods out before all the granola eaters buy it all up .