charging rooftop units

dan 4880

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i have an 83'winebago chieftan that has 2 rooftop units that both work but are not blowing cold air, i have checked with several rv shops and general auto shops and no one wants to recharge them. also have tried a/c home companies, they also say they won't do it. anybody have any suggesttions.

DL Rupper

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RE: charging rooftop units

Hey Dan4880, most of the roof A/C units are sealed units and are not set-up for recharging. While on a trip in Sierra Vista, AZ I came across an individual that worked for a commercial home A/C repair facility, and as a sideline business for the local RV shop, repaired/tapped into RV roof units and re-charged them. So it can be done if you can find someone knowledgeable on how to do it. Unfortunately in my case the coils had a small leaking hole so I had to replace the unit. My Dometic A/C was 8 years old at the time, so based on my experience, I suspect your A/C units, if 23 years old, may not be re-chargeble. Good luck.

Grandview Trailer Sa

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Re: charging rooftop units

Like DL says, your AC's are 23 years old. Your units might have fittings, but I doubt you will find someone willing to work of them. Newer AC's are sealed.


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Re: charging rooftop units

DL is correct as I have a frined who was in the a/c business and he had quite a business installing the recharging valves into RV air conditioners and recharging them. He did it both for private individuals and for at least three different RV dealers in the Houston area. But he is now retired and has sold his shop and equipment. He also used to buy a/c units from the dealer that they had replaced with new. He found that about 80% could be pretty easily repaired and swapped for non-working ones at a very reasonable price. But the problem is that very few people will work on them. Most RV techs are nust not air conditioning people. They have been trained in the statdard problems with an RV air conditioner, but also told that you can't recharge them.

With a unit that is 23 years old, I don't think that I'd wast a lot of time and money fixint it.