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[Robert Naveed] I was in the chat room the other day and noticed that it was empty... it&#039s been like that for a while now. Does anyone ever go in there?
Chat Room

[travelers1999] I have the same question. It seems like it would be a great place to exchange info but it just has not caught on. I stop by every time I am on tho. See you there some day....
Chat Room

[Webmaster] I&#039ve posted this before but we&#039ll try it again :) --

That&#039s a good question. Let&#039s put that question out to everyone. - Is there something wrong with it? Do we need to improve it somehow? Do you all just like using the forum more than the chat?

Just trying to get an idea... Let us know what we can do to continue to make this the best RV site around!

Thank you,
- RVUSA Webmaster
Chat Room

[Jim M] I think the main problem, is that we are a small community--ie not enough of us to guarantee that someone is on at any given time. Accordingly, I might suggest to the webmaster that he reduce the number of chat rooms to 1 (don&#039t spread out the few customers any more than necessary) and 2 perhaps publish a schedule time for certain subjects