Cheapest RV Shed???

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We are in great need of a shed for our 25' TT. It is in our side yard. There is room for a shed, but the ones we have seen are ridiculously expensive. :dead: Are there sheds made of heavy-duty plastic available ? Or others? Need help finding something.
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Cheapest RV Shed???

Sherry, I just went thru this already. Those metal carports were a ton of money ( they charge by extensions and dimensions). I was getting estimates of about $2700. So was any kind of roof, since the price of wood is sky-high. I have a 32" so it was pretty big. I was getting estimates at about 3K! I finally found a good carpenter...we sunk some 4X6s...then built the roof system...I bought the wood myself and some used tin for the roof and got one up for about $1500. I can't imagine getting it done for any less. As a matter of fact, that was an amazing price all said and done. Anything less permanent is going to blow over in any kind of wind. I've since added a few improvements to the roof, like some hurricane clips,etc.

My friends just built a shed for their was $1,000. The roof shingles alone were $400. Used to be able to build a shed in the yard for a few hundred!

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Cheapest RV Shed???

I had one installed. I wanted one that could handle the winds in Oklahoma. It cost $3000 installed. It has 3x3 steel supports, and it cover the top and sides. Sun does alot of damage also. I saw a kit in the the Northern catalog for $3000, and you have to install it, and it comes with fence poles


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Cheapest RV Shed???

I got something similar as a complete kit from a local outfit very cheap. Here in Tucson, you have to replace the ball bungees at least once per year, and the tarp every few years. Once high winds grabbed the front part and folded it over the back part. Replaced the bent pipes and was back in business.

So, yes, this is a cheap option (perhaps not only under $1K, but under $400), but requires a lot of maintenance.