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HI Folks: Just found this site. It's fun and informative. Boss and I own a 26 foot class A. Have been part timing for 10 plus years. Have heard good tips to the newbies but would like to add a few i consider essential. Rain is a gimme for the Pacific Northwest so I always carry a blue tarp, bungee cords and a length of rope. During a good hard rain if you discover a roof leak of any kind a blue tarp will be your most prized possesion. It also makes a good ground cover if you have to crawl under the rig to check on something. Mountain passes are a pain but go slow and watch our temp. I service my transmission every 2 years and have the brake fluid flushed at the same time. All heat related.
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Glad to see you here, Doug! Welcome!

Those blue tarps came in handy down here in Texas after that little blow we called IKE, too! :clown:

Heck, some folks still think they're a pretty good substitute for shingles! :clown:


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AS Tex stated welcome, I have 2 tarps, one is 12x24 for big occasion or needs and another is 6x8 just right for getting under the MH to change the oil lube and filter. But I have never thought about keeping them in the MH. Thanks for the suggestion.


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can not go camping without them, because when you need them where are they, it always seems like it happens in the middle of the night and pouring rain.