checklist for buying a 5th wheel outta state

hi there. I'm in the process of buying a forest river 'work and play' 5th wheel from out of state. My 'local' dealer is nearly 6 hours away, so, I went alittle further and got it about 3k cheeper.

anyways, I have a brother-in-law that live right near the dealer i'm buying it through. the trailer I'm getting is fresh off the factory line, so, I'm hoping to give him a list of items to check on for me before the leave to deliver it for me. I know things such as the water heater, water pump, lights, a/c and heater, stove, and fridge in both the propane and elec modes, and general fit and finsh of the interior. what else should I have him be looking for??

sorry if this is alittle like a 1st grade question in a high school class, but, any help you can provide would be apprecited.

checklist for buying a 5th wheel outta state

well I found a couple of lists to work off of. I'm gonna be sending them to the salesman to go over first so, when my bil gets there, things go quicker.

any other things you might suggest??
checklist for buying a 5th wheel outta state

Something to think about, your brother thoughts on whats good, bad or indifferent would be different than what you see with your own eyes :question: . Something he thinks is good may stink in your mind :( :blackeye: .

Not withstanding your brothers taste, but before I would sign the bottom line, I think I would perform my own inspection.

Have a Merry Christmas

C Nash

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checklist for buying a 5th wheel outta state

I agree with Poppa surveyboy. I would go pick it up and camp as near as possible to the selling dealer for a few days or better yet in your brothers yard if possible. Don't depend on the dealer to go over it all even with the list. i would not sign anything until I had went over it myself with a fine tooth comb
checklist for buying a 5th wheel outta state

my brother-in-law is a carpenter, so he probably is more strick on fit and finish that me :D no issue there. and the other systems, well, since there wasn't any options of colors and stuff, everything to check is gonna be just if it works or not.

LOL, I'd like to pick it up myself, but that 16 hour drive is just a bit much to do. I've worked out some things with the shop, I have the final walk through when the deliver it to me, and that's when the get the balence of the $$ for the trailer.

thanks for the help.


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checklist for buying a 5th wheel outta state

I totally agree with Chelse and Poppa regarding "for your eyes only" on checking it out. A great idea to camp near the dealer for a couple days and check out "everything" to ensure no issues crop up. Better to fix them immediately rather than drive back a forth or go to dealer close to home that you did not buy it from. Have fun :) :laugh: :cool: