Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel


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Are there any restrictions other than limit of 60 lbs. gas bottles (turned off) on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel? How about height and weight? We will be towing a 30' 5th Wheel with a Dullie. Thanks for any email/help. Stay Safe.


Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel

I am certainly not the last word here but I can tell ya a couple of things.

I don't think you will have a problem with height and weight. The problem you may encounter is wind. They may not allow you to cross when the wind is up. If you have anything like bikes or boats attached to your rig they will not allow you to cross in windy conditions. Don't know how they handle TT's or fifth wheels in those conditions. There are parking areas on either side of the crossing for such occations. If they will allow campers across but not attached bikes or small boats, like a canoe, I know they will take the bikes across for you in their viehicle. Not sure about the boat. If you pick your day and it's not windy you will be fine.