Chevrolet Avalanche


I am new on that forum and my english is not perfect but I will try to explain.

We are looking for a 9000 pounds RV.

I was wondering if an Avalanche would give me the power I need for that.

I saw the F-250 Diesel and the F-250 V-10 but I am very interested by the Avalanche.



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Chevrolet Avalanche

Thanks a lot,

I have been informed last Friday that the Avalanche is not good for a fifthwheel.

I am now looking for a F-250 or F-350.

Thanks for the links.


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Chevrolet Avalanche

No matter what the dealer tells you, a small gas engine will have trouble pulling a trailer up hills.

Diesel engines do have some negative points, but for pulling, nothing beats one.

The bigger gas engines can do an adequate job, like about 8 liter/454 ci. There is another thread in this section which seems to indicate that the V10 gas engine pulls pretty good.

For 9000 pound trailer, a 1 ton pickup should be plenty (F-350). The chevy 2500HD may be fine too. As I understand it, the standard F-250 won't pull as much as the 2500HD, so that model would require careful analysis to see if it can handle that much trailer.