Chevy Astro as tow vehicle


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We have a Chevy Astro AWD with a towing capacity of 4700 pounds. I was wondering what size trailers other people with Astros tow and how well it tows (especially up mountains). Any Astro (or Safari) owners out there?

C Nash

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Chevy Astro as tow vehicle

Hello drigel, my daughter has the astro awd and they tow a 2500 lb pop-up. They have not had any problems towing this weight. If your astro has 4.3 engine, all the towing packages and the proper hitch you should be ok if you stay around 4000 total. If you are wanting a tt some of the newer light weights in the 18/20 ft range might be around this weight. Good luck
You might run into overheating towing in mountains.
Chelse L. Nash

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Kim Bodley

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Chevy Astro as tow vehicle

I own a 1997 Chevy Astro 2WD with the 3.23 rear end so have towing capacity of 4500 lbs. I started with a small Coleman pop-up, weighed about 1500 (1800 fully loaded); graduated to an 18ft Komfort (dry weight 2750 lbs) which I just sold last night; and am now shopping for a new hybrid. Probably the Rockwood Roo (dry weight around 3500 - 3700 lbs). I think that the Rockwood is probably going to be pushing the envelope a hair, but if so I have the option of switching out the rear axle to 3.73 and when I trade will make sure this time that I get the Astro capable of the 5,500 lbs towing capacity. (That's what I thought I bought last time, but didn't know to ask the right questions. Live and learn!)

I pulled both the Coleman pop-up and the 18ft Komfort over high mountain passes (6500 ft and higher) with very little effort. However, as the daughter of a retired truck driver - who rides shotgun when I drive - I will offer this word of advice. "Don't try to go up the hill any faster than you want to come down the other side. And don't come down the hill any faster than you were able to climb it."