Chevy Tow vehicle

I am looking into buying a new Chev 2500 Duramax with the Allison Automatic. This will be the first diesel I have owned. I currently have a Dodge 2500 with a V-10. Anyone out there have one and or have had any problems with one ?? I own a 30.5' Hitchhiker II and would like any info on how the Duramax would handle this type of rig, power - fuel economy, ect.
Chevy Tow vehicle

My friends dad has one and loves it. I am also seriously looking at the duramax. There isn't much that he can't tow with it. As far as your Hitchhiker goes, unless it is over 15,500lbs, then not a problem at all. Pluss fuel economy with the duramax is far better than any gas engine that can tow that much.Check out It is also a forum, and any other questions on the duramax can be answered. Good luck.
Chevy Tow vehicle

I have owned a 2003 GMC 2500HD for 5 weeks and love it. Best truck I have ever had! I also just bought a 36' 5er and it pulls it like it's not even there. The tow/haul mode is great. I did a lot of reserch before buying and everyone I have talked to have nothing bad to say about the truck. I think you are making the right choice!
Good luck,
Chevy Tow vehicle

Evilone, what does your 5er weigh? I am also looking at a GMC 2500HD with the D/A combination. The 5er we want is a Snowbird 34.5 SKTG that has a GVWR of 13920. Want to ensure that the GMC/Silverado will be adequate.
Chevy Tow vehicle

My 5er weighs 10100 lbs dry with a 1600 lbs. dry pin weight. It gross' out about the same as the 5er you are looking at. I have NO problem pulling this trailer. None! I had a TT before this with a older model Ford F-250 diesel. This truck doesn't even compare! You will love this truck. I looked for a while checking all three brands and doing a lot reserch on everything. This is the truck! A little more money but worth it in my opion.
Good Luck!