Chinook out of business


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Does anyone know why and when they went out of business? Seems like a good camper to me.

I've now owned two Sunraiders (out of business) and a Chinook (out of business). LOL. I'm the kiss of death.

Cindy Hendricks

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RE: Chinook out of business

Hello rjan,

I just read that they closed down in early 2005 because they defaulted on a multi-million dollar bank loan. Then in 2006 that same lender bought the building and land. I think everyone agrees that their models were solid. Don't know much else. : )


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Re: Chinook out of business

Price competition has killed many of the best built RVs over the years because the majority of buyers look only at price and will not pay what it takes to get a quality product. All too often those same people then gripe because the cheap RV isn't as nice or don't hold up as well as those like the Chinook or the Superior did.