Choosing the right inverter


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I am in the markek to buy a Pure Sine Wave inverter to power my King Dome in-transit Satillite Dish and TV while I am driving my 1988 Class B.
My TV Pull about 300 Watts and the Satillite dish Pull about 30 Watts I might also run a DVD player once in a while off of the inverter and nothing else.
When the Van engine is not running my Honda EU2000i Generator will run the TV and Dish.
I have heard about the ProSine Inverters by Xantrex for about 8 years and it seems to be a good product. But, they have companies selling the same Watt inverters for half the price of the ProSine models.
Is there a difference in the output quality or are all Pure Sine Wave output about the same, Which Brand to choose :question:


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Choosing the right inverter

As with many products, the name brands may be of better quality than some off brands.

Try to get a picture of each companies waveform - the good ones should be glad to provide it; the bad ones may have lots of excuses.

Generally the pure sine wave inverters I've seen tend to be 2K watts or more. Generally the ones of 3K and up have a pretty good battery charger built into them.

Of course, what size to get depends not only on what you think you need, and what you actually will need in the future, but also on the battery bank which supplies it.