Christmas cookie invasion

John Harrelson

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Just a note about "Tracking Cookies" that invade your computer every time you go online..

They are not a "VIRUS" but are considered to be "Naughty" cookies… they track your movements on your computer and report back to their home computer everything you did…

While they are not designed to damage your computer or steal personal information, they can pile up on the hard drive if you don't have automatic "cookie dumping" that clears the cache when you shut down your computer each day. Too many cookies can cause a sluggish computer.

Here are a few examples of the most popular companies sending out the naughty cookies. rs 01AIS/

and there are many, many more…

in addition to "Good" and "Naughty" cookies, there are "BAD" cookies also… They are sometimes referred to as "Spiders" or "Bots" (robots).

Their primary goal is to invade your computer and gather information … like passwords, bank account numbers, birth dates, etc… and then carry that critical information back to their home computer..

I scan and remove all cookies every time I go off line..

I use Ad-Aware 2007 to clean out my cookie cache… because it only cleans out "Naughty" and "Bad" cookies like these and not the "Good" cookies that retain things like user names and password for my favorite sites..

There are several other "Cookie Crushers" like Ad-Aware, so pick the one you like..

All internet sites send out cookies to your computer, some are good, some are naughty and some are bad…
Sites like this RV forum site sends out "Good" cookies each time you sign in …

…. BUT…. even on a safe site like this one, …..

if you click on an ad or a link in some one's post that carries you to another place like their web site, or a web site like "YouTube" or "MyFace"…

You are going to get naughty and maybe even Bad cookies from some of those sites…

The reason I'm posting this is just to remind us all that winter time is the season for an increase of bad stuff coming off the internet ..
because the people who create this stuff are bored with the "Winter Blues" and sit around their computers creating "Holiday Gifts" for unsuspecting internet surfers..

As the old cop said.. "Be careful out there people" :) :) and enjoy the holidays.



RE: Christmas cookie invasion

I use adware also and also use spyware dr. and aslo use registry mech ,, it gets rid of the stuff that gets into u'r registery ,, and u'll be suprised at how much stuff goes that far ,, so be safe and have a happy rv holiday :approve: :approve: :) :) :)