Circuit Breaker Fan Like Noise

We just uncovered our 2006 Concord mini motor home after 3 weeks. Everything seemed fine - except we noticed a soft whirring noise - like a fan. It's coming from the circuit breaker box (located under the side of the bed.)
Any ideas? We never noticed this before. (Maybe it was there all along)
:question: It's Sunday and the dealer is closed.


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Re: Circuit Breaker Fan Like Noise

Circuit breakers don't get hot (at least they shouldn't :) ) Is your battery charger/converter/inverter anywhere near where the noise is coming from? These often have fans in them, and generally will be used when you take a RV out of storage.

Also, you might have an air pump which is trying to get to pressure.
Re: Circuit Breaker Fan Like Noise

Thank you John. Both are good suggestions. We don't exactly know where the converter is. But that could be it. Also, there is an air pump (with a plug on the side of the coach)
How long could we expect this to run? (if it's converter)
Thanks again.
Re: Circuit Breaker Fan Like Noise

I you have a top lid that folds down and you see 120 volt breakers on the left and 12 volt fuses on the right, you have a charger/converter that is together. There is a cooling fan in the unit and all sounds fine to me.


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Re: Circuit Breaker Fan Like Noise

If it is the charger/converter, it probably will run during the heavy parts of the charge cycle. It may not run during the 'maintain' or 'trickle charge' part of the cycle.