Circuit Breaker Problem

I just bought a 2003 R Vision Trail Bay 27' travel trailer. Occasionaly when I use the microwave even for a short time like 3 minutes, it will trip the breaker. It may do again and maybe not. There is nothing else on that circuit. Anyone have any ideas??



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Circuit Breaker Problem

Well, there are only 2 reasons a breaker will trip. Either you are pulling too much current, or the breaker is defective.

I would suggest using a current meter to see how much that microwave is really pulling. If it is significantly less than the breaker, then either the breaker is defective, or there is something else on that circuit that you don't know about.
Circuit Breaker Problem

well are u useing the microwave with the ac unit on? if so trying turning the ac off and then useing the microwave if it still does it i would look at replaceing the breaker