Class A Bounder

Am gettting ready to make a trip to look at a 1995 Fleetwood Bounder. Does anybody have any specific problems or details pertaining to this unit. It is a gas with Chev. and 43K miles. I've heard that the Chev. has a problem with cracking exhaust manifolds. Also burning out #8 plug wire. Any more info would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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87 Views and no responses?? Did I cross the line trying to get info on a particular model?? Or has no one had relavant experience. Surely someone has experience with a Chev. and their idiosycrasies in another brand Class A. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. John


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Nope, never driven one or been in one or knew anyone who had one, sorry. I've heard Bounders referred to as 'Bending Bounders' with the implication that the frames are all they should be, but have no supporting knowlege.


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I didn't have a bounder but i did have a cross country that had a chevy chassis..
As for exaust,,, yep ,,, manifolds crack also i had probs with the carb on mine,,, finally got it fixed and then traded for a diesel pusher....
Also my CC didn't handle very well,,, cross winds whiped me like dorthy in the wizard of oz....
This is just my input on the chevy chassis (I love chevies,, but this was too much).
Hope this helps out some
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Thanks for the recent comments. Still waiting for weather to clear up before making a trip to look at this unit.