Class A Business


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Hello all,
This is my first post, and I would appreciate all the feedback I can get.
I live in Michigan, and as y'all know, things have been better in Michigan than they are right now. In December,the company that I worked for, elimimated 156 jobs, including mine. I've not found anything yet.
Back in the late 70's, I sold Pace Arrows, Travco's, Tioga's and Winnebago's, and loved it, until the Oil embargoes put us out of business. I would love to get back into selling RV's, but am wondering about how well the RV Industry (Class A's in particular) is performing, especially here in Michigan. I'm hoping that the Baby Boomers are saying, "To heck with it, it's now or never, let's by the thing and hit the road."
If any of you have any ideas about this, I need your input.