Class A gas towing?


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Of course I would expect that diesels are the best for towing a vehicle, but what is the best gas engine/transmission for towing?


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The V-10 Triton from Ford with their 6 speed automatic is a good set up and the most widely available today in a gas powered coach. In days gone by the 8.1 GM and Allison were the best for a gas engine combination but their fuel mileage was not quite as good as the Ford usually. The V-10 will work for a normal sized towed load (read that an average car or trailer). Unless you are going to put a lot of miles on towing, there is no need to get a diesel powered coach for just that reason.

C Nash

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The V10 has served us well. Need to stay around 4k and less for toad imo. Tow rating on mine is 5k. 65 K so far and no problem with drivetrain. MPG averages 8 towing. Only traveled one time with no toad. Alabama to Alaska and back towing a 4 door 4x4 chev tracker. Now have a saturn vue for toad. I would not go over a 34 foot in the gasser. Over that diesel.


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We have a 37ft Tiffin Allegro Bay Diesel Pusher, towing a vehicle is no problem!

The MPG isn't too bad, it depends more on the terrain, traffic, and speed.

If you are towing a vehicle behind a Class A I highly recommend getting a rearview camera so you can keep an eye on it. You'd be surprised that you can't feel a thing back there.


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I have towed the same Wrangler with both. On flat terrain and toads tires at max I got better millage due to drafting. Now, when you got to a hill or a long pull...that's a different animal
And like Mr Nash says, yes, a camera is VERY helpfull. Otherwise your always looking for that little bit of a shadow from the toad to make sure it's still there