Class A gas / we need some advice

Hi everyone, my wife and I are looking at buying a Class A gas MH (used as our budget is limited) and I was hopeing to get some advice and answers to some questions we have. We will not be full timers,still have teenagers to drag around with us. We looked at two MH,s today, a GB cruismaster 1997 35' 60k miles,needs a bit of minor cleaning inside, very little fading of the paint ,Chevy 454 sounds great and ran beautiful.The only problem I could find was 2 small holes in the awning and a small tear in it where it attatches to the MH and the Kohler generator was tuff to start and ran extremly ruff under full load (both front and rear a/c on as well as lights inside) and eventually shut off. Price 20k.Now are questions are: I suspect we will have to replace theawning material any idea what that will cost us and could I install it with the help of my wife and son(she's short he's tall) the awnig lenght is apporx 19'. Second question, does it sound like the genset just needs a tune up ie: ignition coil plugs and filters oil ect or could we be looking at something more serious. also does this sound like a good buy otherwise. Thanks in advance. chris vancouver bc


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Welcome to the forum.
Yes, you could replace the awning, but the issue is really the spings the awning that have to be delt with....dangerous. Awning companies will tell you to have professional do the work and I would agree, if never done it before. Genset, needs tune up....not good to leave sitting for long periods of it weekly or so to keep it clean. Your gonna get somewhere between 6-9 MPG on the 454. Good luck.... ;)
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Okay, my advice FWIW is the following;

a) Have you answered to yourself - 'how we plan to use it??' Are you drivers, parkers??

b) Have you 'verified' the price is reasonable for what you are supposedly getting. Have you done a thourough inspection to see the condition of the unit. Note: I am pretty sure it needs more than a 'minor' cleaning.

c) Can you do say, all of the maintenance yourself except for major engine work?? Could you change the fluids yourself and are you comfortable and not afraid to use the tools?

d) a host of other questions do come to mind. We have totally remodeled ours, had the engine , brakes & tranny checked and fluids replaced at the gitgo. This DID NOT cost me an arm & leg, but YMMV. We removed chairs, couch, bed and carpet areas and replaced carpet from doghouse riser forward and installed laminate floor from the riser back. Vinyl in the bathroom and a new toilet. :)

The carpet was 'completely' filthy under it and a lot of dirt through the pad on the OSB floor. I really don't think a sweeper can ever clean that. Once the carpet was gone, so was the smell!!

We're almost done, have the antennas to do yet and the radios, but am still doing all my own work. If I didn't , I would be spending thousands of dollars which I am not doing.
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Thanks for the replys guys,

I'm not sure the way we've camped in the last decade makes us drivers or parkers. Wetake a couple of 2 week vacations a year and camp at 2 or 3 different spots during that period.As well we dosome short weekend trips with 1 stop. What are we drivers or parkers?
I do consider myslf mechanicly inclined and have done extensive dry rot and plumbing repair on my own on our last travel trailer,were just moving up to the MH and I just find all the extra bells and whistles on a MH a little unfamilier.
Dave I did spend approx 5 hours at this dealer crawling around every nook and crany on this unit and found no signs water damage, delam or any thing other than what was listed on the previous post. The minor cleaning I refered to was carpet and upolstry. The hardwood floor in the galley could use refinishing but again a small area a small job. I'm sure if I did pull up the carpets I would find that the underlay would be filthy as well but I hoped not to get that much involved right away since there is not an odor problem any way.
I guess my main concern is if I'm getting a good deal or not NADA shows the the 20k price at the low end of their scale and I'm not that MH savy in fact I don't have a clue what this unit would have sold new. the genset I hope is just a tuneup like Archer mentioned the only pressing thing would be the awning.
Thanks again for responding I'm starting to feel better about the whole thing just talking about it on this forum, What a great tool for worry warts like me.:)

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You can replace just the fabric if all the hardware is ok. They are spring loaded but can be done with you and your son as long as you are careful with the springs. The fabric will cost from 200 dollars up according to size. The tear at the MH might be repairable if just the stiching has come loose. You can get patches for small holes. Hard to say on the price of the MH. Check to be sure all appliances work. You will probably need to replace tires if they have not been replaced in the last 5 years regardless of tread depth.
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Hi dave
Didn't buy either of those ones I wastalking about just couldnt agree on a price. did fly down to Escondido and bought a 96 fleetwood storm though. just got back from our first trip with it yesterday put 2500 miles on it so far runs great no problems so far everything works good. minor irratations like basement storage doors wont stay up on there own,but i'm working on those. were happy thanks for asking
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Good for you, hope it continues to go well. We have 'finished' our remodeling job, put new wheels on and are getting ready for our first long weekend trip. No we are not full timing, but do plan on a lot of short trips alone and with groups and grandkids.

Got all my radios finally installed, got the Tiny-Trak running. Have to find a cheap CB I guess, I haven't used one for years, I normally stay on the ham bands.

Again, congrat's on your unit and hope you enjoy a lot!!