Class A length

Better half and I are going full time. Need some expert (non-expert also welcome) advice on coach length. Our #1 preference is Monaco Diplomat PST. Debating on 36, 38 or 40 foot. Anyone have recommendations? Main consideration is the basement storage and WHAT DO YOU REALLY NEED TO HAVE ROOM FOR!

Any and all advise and comments most appreciated.


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Class A length

Basement storage is just about a must for full timing. I am not a full timer, but do have basement storage (for winter full timing in warm area) and love it. The more space the better, I say. As for what do you need room for....I'd say, lawn chairs, small tables, coolers, tools (no table saws..ha ha), electric/gas scooters (we love them), portable grill (we use the small table top lp grill), beach stuff (if your going to the beach). Make a list of what you think you will need, then look at the weight of it all, then decide what you want to haul all the time.
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Class A length

Where are you going? I would get a subscription to Motorhome Magazine and join FMCA to get there magazine also. Not a salesman for them but they do have some nice articles periodically about length.

Our Southwind is 37' with two slides. Just happened that was the size we bought. Liked the floor plan also but hate the "J" couch in the living room. Most uncomfortable piece of furniture we have sat on. And having guest sleep on it is a real joke. Going to get rid of it and put in a nice hide a bed. The "J" couch did look nice when we bought the rig though.

Some campgrounds limit the size of the rigs. Naturally, the longer the rig the harder it is to manuever in tight spaces. Going around the mountains will not be very much fun if you spend half your time on the other side of the road to keep from hitting guard rails.

And the weight thing is an issue too. Some manufacturers push the limits when they build the coach and don't leave much room for what the owners are going to bring with them. They don't take into consideration the weight of water, gasoline or diesel fuel, fresh water, or waste water. It is not a good idea to overload the rig.

Plus if you are going to pull a dinghy make sure you have an auxiliary braking unit in your dinghy. Most states have a weight restriction on towed vehicles or trailers and if you have an accident, even if it is not your fault, you can still be ticketed for unsafe towing. Your insurance company would have a real ball with that one.


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Class A length

We are fulltimers for more than four years now. The space that you need is a pretty personal thing. There are many who advocate that you should get the biggest RV that you can afford. But then others of us prefer a smaller RV due to the locations that we wish to be able to park our RVs.

When it comes to the amount of storage, it is usually more an issue of weight than of space. Most fulltimers find that they began the life with more "stuff" than they need and as time goes by they lower the amount that they carry. We carry my power tools for wood working and my wife's sewing machine, surger and craft supplies and also a good supply of tools and such and we do so in a 35' gas chassis motorhome. Yet we have everything that we need. So that too is an issue that varies with the person involved. As long as the motorhome that you choose has plenty of CCC and has enough space for those who will live in it, then it is the right size. Keep in mind that no RV will have even close to the space of even the smallest of stick built homes.
Class A length

We full timed for 3-1/2 yrs in a 35' Winnebago Chieftain with 2 slides and basement storage and found we had plenty of room once we got rid of all the unnecessary kaka. You will continue to weed out as you go along.
Really decide if you need anything bigger and if you need a diesel. I just couldnt justify the additional cost based on the miles traveled each year. Our style is to stick to 2 lane roads and travel 150-200 miles tops and then stay in a campground and explore the area in our toad. 12-15000 mi/yr would be tops for us. After all, we are retired and in no hurry to get anywhere. Talk to a lot of people and do a lot of on line research before you spring the big bucks for one of those behemoths.