Class a motor home and towing

I am looking at purchasing an RV i have decided that a Class A diesel with a toad is right for me
i will will say up front i understand the whole thing about gross vehical weight so that is not what i want info on
my unsurity is the size of motor. just like you would not tow a fifth wheel with a 1/2 ton 6 cylinder pickup.
what is the minimal size Horse Power diesel motor one would sugest?
i see lots of motor homes with 275 HP motors i think that would be to small

Please advise


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Re: Class a motor home and towing

As late as this is, I'll say a few words about the subject, just in case.

The engine that is capable of moving any class A motorhome is large enough to tow a vehicle, so long as you observe the combined weight limit and the towing weight limit. You say that you understand weights, so I'll not go into that part. What is different is that if you have an RV with a 275 hp engine, it will be geared differently in both the transmission and the rear end than would one with a 300, or 350 hp engine. Back in the 90's the 275 engines were pretty standard or to the larger size. In general, heavier RV will also have larger engines and the increase in size and weight of the RVs has had a lot to do with the increase in size of engine to propel them. It is probably true that most 275hp RVs take a bit longer to reach the top of a long, steep grade, but it isn't universally true. The later engines usually are also pushing much heavier RVs.