Class A motorhome ratings

[Jerry Groah] Does anyone out there know where you can obtain motor home quality ratings? i,e. Best to the worst in construction. Do not need info on power unit or chassis, just the coach part. Thanks, Jerry
Class A motorhome ratings

[mark c] Unless i am incorrect there is nothing that goes into coach quality
You know all coach companies will tell you they are the best and come up with all the reasons why
You have to talk to people read forums and draw your own ideas form the facts that they give you
For myself i believe you cant go wrong with monaco!! take a look
Class A motorhome ratings

[RonS] Jerry - Opnions are like noses everyone has one. I think everyone who ownes one thinks that they have the best, (that they can afford) thats why they bought the one they have. My advise would be to go to some RV show&#039s and pick out the floor plan that you like best, and in the price range that fits. Last year I bought one that had MOST of the things we wanted, but was short a couple of items that were on my list, the price made me buy it anyway. The Class A is OK, but just not what I want, so here we go looking/shopping again. Good Luck, you will know when you find it, and dont settle for anything less. Ron
Class A motorhome ratings

[Dador] Ron has made an excellent suggestion. We just bought our first RV and found the shows to be very helpful. We also rented and took a weeks vacation before buying. The shows help to make comparison shopping much easier.