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We are in the market for our first RV. We have looked at several including Winnebago Vector, Gulfstream Friendship, Bellagio by Georgie Boy, and Fleetwoods. We have been looking at Diesels in the 39 foot range. I am so confused by the salemen. Do any of you have any experience with these homes..their faults etc.. We want to buy something reliable I don't want to wind up stranded.
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Class A Motorhome

Sometimes I think it's better to buy from a private owner than a dealer. Check around for someone selling their RV who bought it new
"one owner" type. Don't buy one that's had several owners.
Best advise I could give.


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Michele, Welcome to the forum. Don't be to fast to purchase. Turnip has a good point of buying "one Owner" used. The good deals are out there, ya just got to look for them. new is nice, but ...... you pay the price for depreciation immediately after you drive it off the lot. Of course, warranty stuff is nice, but......if you find a quality used one, you can save lots of dough on the purchase price, and not have to spend lots to fix it up or repair it. Guess I just don't like auto/rv salesman.....they just have one thing in mind.....get um.

C Nash

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aw come on now Archer you know all them salespeople have our interest in mine :laugh: . See what all that sunshine has done to your brain :dead: :laugh:
Michele, go to shows, visit campgrounds and talk to owners and take your time. Sit in the chairs long enough to see how confortable, stand in the shower, lay on the bed, sit on the potty (don't use) :eek: see if the kitchen has enough cabinets, counter area, if they have slides can you get to most everything with them in, offer 30% off list price but as others have said, might be better to let someone else pay the depreciation on new ones. Good luck and have fun shopping for the rv :)
Class A Motorhome

Thank you all for your advice. We are going to look at at a 2002 Newmar tomorrow evening. I have to agree about the salespeople can't believe most of them.
Class A Motorhome

Michele....I agree with Nash & Archer. :approve: :approve: And, the Winnebago is a quality coach (can't afford it, but appreciate the workmanship). :bleh: I would add to the list, check the cabinets,can you reach them (inside), do you have enough for your needs?
AND, me too....consider buying from private 1-owner. We bought our 1st MH from private and it included the option of continuing the 7 yr. warranty (cheap & we took it) It's been a great experience, we got a great deal, and we won't feel bad upgrading since we won't lose when we sell (privately). :) :laugh: ;)
Good luck...happy RVing