Class A or Class C

Hi all!

I am new here and I am considering an RV as I near retirement. I went to a couple of RV shows recently but can't make up my mind. I'd really like to hear from someone who has owned both (class a and c). Which is better? MPG, handling, motor (Ford or GM)?

Can you help?

I have had some experience driving a Class A because my parents owned one back in the 70's but that was a long time ago.


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Class A or Class C

Well, I don't get along well with Class C's, cause they use van cabs which don't have enough legroom or in some cases even footroom for me. Also, most class c's have a bed over the cab, which is real handy for kids, but less so for older/bigger folks. Also, many class C's are near their GCWR as is, so can't tow much, and in some cases, can't even carry much of your stuff.

So, it depends on your needs. For a smaller RV to be used for short vacations, the class C can be an excellant choice. For serious usage, the class A might be preferable.

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Class A or Class C

Hi paddyspal, We have had 2 of each & John is right with most the things about class c's, it really boils down to what you prefer, many folks like class's because you have 2 easy enter doors, many prefer the veiw from the van cab vs the big windows of a class a, passenger foot room on class c's is definetely lacking, and it can get very warm for th feet. The newer larger C's generally have a rear island queen bed so the overhead bed is not a problem, I think most folks including myself feel the c's are easier to drive park etc than A's. Most C's will have more miles than the same year as an A, most C's will get a little better mileage than class a's, you didn't say if your looking at new or used, but most 30' to 25' class a's will be in the 6 to 8 mpg range and the c's will be about 1 mpg better. I am thinking of the 454, 7.4, 8.1 GM's and the 460. & V10 Fords, if your going to tow then you'll want a big block engine in the class c, many of the 80's thur early 90's with the Chevy chassis had the 350 engine not big enough for towing in most cases. as to which is better its a toss up, on the newer chassis, I feel the Ford F-53 chassis was better than the older Chev P-30, but that mine opinion. After all I am a Ford guy, but I never tell anyone to buy one over the other, the main thing is the rv its self, what is the condition, do you like the floor plan etc. Welcome to the Forum, and ask any and all questions. :) :laugh: :cool: :bleh: :approve:
Class A or Class C

Thanks for the help. So if I can fit into a Class C that would be better gas mileage.
I am thinking about buying new because I no mechanical skills. Although I wouldn't mind a lightly used model.
What are the good brand models? Good quality without paying the high bucks. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Just doing research at this point.
Class A or Class C

I am in the same situation as paddyspal. My wife, who is already retired, and I are just in the beginning stages of looking at the various models and trying to decide what is best for us. We plan on renting one for a couple of weeks this spring / summer to make certain this is something we want to do. There seems to be quite a variety of manufacturers and while I know it depends on what an individual is looking for, is there a site which rates the various mfgs and models? It seems this would be very advantageous for the new kids on the block. I'm looking for any and all input from people who have the experience and knowledge which I lack. Thanks much for the help.