Class 'B' input request please........

Had an older 'B' unit for a short period of time a number of years ago. Thought would be more pleased with a folding trailer ... but after having one for a while, have decided the 'B' units are what's best for us.

But, not being that versed in all 'standard' features, need some guidance please. Some of the features we would like to have will be....
1. COMFORTABLE bed!!! Recently had a major back problem; and type of bed of the former 'B' unit (side mounted fold down 'cheapie' passenger sofa) was very uncomfortable ... even before back operation.
2. Interior compact toilet-shower-sink unit ... the type that is all one enclosed 'fiberglass/?' unit; to eliminate the wasted space with seperate sink and tub/shower.
3. Economical to operate with good gas mileage. Automatic, air-conditioning ... standard comfortable features for the drive-train unit. Economy is important ... but power also in order to get up the grades at a resonable speed.
4. As roomy as possible ... with good head prevent having to stoop over, etc..
5. Economical make/model to purchase. Preferably used so as to avoid depreciation expense of new purchase process.
6. Oversize H2o tank and heavy duty boondocking battery installation ... say ... 2 or 3 deep cycle.

What would you suggest? Have seen RoadTrek being heavily touted ... but surely there are other ones out there a bit more affordable; at least I hope so.

Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!!!
Class 'B' input request please........

Sounds like you need to design your own Class B. Good Luck in finding what you want in a Class B. When you find it let me know what it is. Maybe we all would like to have one.

C Nash

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Class 'B' input request please........

Doon, throw out the economical and you might find something to fit your need. Sounds like you really need an A class.


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Class 'B' input request please........

Keep the economical and check out SportsMobile. They will build you a van camper to order... In particular, check out their pop-top option, the van is normal height when driving, but you can raise the top when parked and have 6'8" of headroom.
Class 'B' input request please........

Thanks to all. Quite ironically, and I also thank the 'Big Guy' upstairs, JUST after posting, I went over to the TrailManor forum and 'lurked' for a bit.

On the day I posted here, another gentleman posted to the TM site a desire to trade his class B for a TM. Turns out it was almost the same rig we had before but updated and 9 years 'newer'.

As a result, and many emails between the 2 of us, we have now agreed to trade. Turns out both of our 'rigs' are almost equal in value ... so this was a trade literally 'made in heaven' for both of us.

My new 'rig' will be a 94 Horizon which was made by the former Intervec company ... no longer in business ... but made very reasonably priced B units. This particular unit has the rear queen bed ... which was one of my main concerns ... and also has ample room where I can add a supplemental water storage tank ... AND room in the house battery compartment to also add an additional deep cycle battery so that we can boondock with peace of mind.

So, to all that offered their opinions, I would like to say THANKS!!!!! Will leave this coming Monday to go retrieve my 'new' ... at least to me ... B unit ... and to deliver my TM to it's new owner.

Class 'B' input request please........

glad everything worked out for you. I used to work with a lady who always tole me "don't worry, things will turn out alright" and she has been right. I have always remembered those words and things seem to always work out for me. Good Luck in your new TM.
Class 'B' input request please........

We got a used 1995 Shasta Travelmaster 15,000.00 put in 1400.00 brakes fixing the exhaust manafold, plus other small things. Needs a new awning cover 240.00 + 90.00 to install. updated the mattress in the master bedroom. 2500.00 in other stuff. and now we are ready to go 38,000 miles on the motor home and we still have money to go rving......
Class 'B' input request please........

Thanks. I've found the "perfect" class 'B' RV for us; well.........almost.

The Horizon model made by the same outfit that used to also make the Falcon models; from back (naturally) in Indiana.

It has the 'king' size bed in the rear (instead of the crowded shower, toilet, closet, etc.) that the Falcon has ... and this 'stuff' located in the middle; along with a slide-out tray for the water. Also, 3-way refrig. ... and LOTS of storage space.

ALL in the same space that the Falcon had; plus about another 6-8" of headroom. The 'almost' comment of above has to do with the 'wasted' space for the (IMO) oversize 'hallway' to the bedroom area. THe original designer probably made the hallway with fat people in mind; but, IMO, if they had utilized about 6-8 inches of it for a deeper bathroom area, it would have been a much better design. Not all of us need the oversize 'hallway' they put into it; so, IMO, the wasted space could have been utilized in a better layout.

But..........over all, we are EXTREMELY pleased. In fact, just got back from a 2-day trial period to a nearby boondocking campground in the Toiyabe forest near us. Quite comfortable and fits our lifestyle quite nice. The extra headroom comes in nice and after using the overhead bed for storage, instead of pesty grandchildren, was a nice outing.

So, while TrailManors are nice foldable RV trailers, they were not our 'cup of tea'. In fact, this Horizon has, IMO, about 85-90% of the supposedly 'features' that the TM has ... and offers a lot more in savings ... what with not having to utilize a TV to get around.

The chassis is on a '94 Chevy 1-ton that has all the bells & whistles, and gets about 15mpg.