Class B or Class C


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I think some models of class B and class C are very confusing.
Sometimes they call it class C even though it looks very much like class B to me. Are there any definite advantages to go with class C rather than Class B or vise versa?

By the way, I found these price quote sites on the internet. I usually don't go online to shop anything but does anyone know about these sites? Has anybody used it to look for your RV? How well do they work???
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Class B or Class C

Those RV'S they call Class B that look like Class C'S should be listed as Class B+. Class B is the Van Camper. I own a Class B which is a 1995 Dodge Roadtrek 190 Versitale and I really like it. I get 17 miles per gallon and I can take it anywhere just like a regular van or car. I never used either one but I heard the rv finder is not the best.
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Class B or Class C

Both the B and C are built on a van chassis, with the van cab. The B uses the rest of the van body (standard width or wide body), while the C builds a custom body behind the cab. A class B should go anywhere the equivalent van will go, with nearly as good gas mileage. The C usually has limitations on where you can drive it and significantly poorer gas mileage. However, the C is usually much more comfortable to 'live in' than a B, being usually wider, longer and particularly higher than the van body. Also, things tend to be better arranged because the designers don't have to live with the constraints imposed by the size and shape of the van body.

That said, I don't like class Cs. I would either go with a class B (to travel much and live in little) or a class A (to live in much and travel little). In my opinion, everything good about a class C is better in a class A, and I can't think of any advantages of a class C over the equivalent sized class A, with the possible exception of if you have small, agile children who can use that bed over the cab.


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Class B or Class C

I agree with John. We downsized from a 35' Class A to a 19-1/2' Class B (Pleasureway) and are quite happy with it. Gives us a second vehicle and doesnt violate parking restrictions in our sub-division. It allows us to get into many more places than we could get into in the Class A. :cool: