Class B's less than 9 feet tall?


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I'm looking for my first RV, nice but pre-owned, probably a Class B that I can stand upright in, with a length around 21-23'. The problem is, other than a couple models like the Rialta, and I believe the Roadtrek 210, I'm stumped trying to figure out which models of this size RV are also short enough to fit in my 9 ft. high parking area. Very few ads mention exterior (with a/c) height.

It occurred to me that maybe there are only a few makes and models that fit these specific height dimensions, which would narrow my search enormously.

If you can help, I'd really appreciate it!


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RE: Class B's less than 9 feet tall?

All sprinter model class B motorhomes, are about 9'5" tall. You would have to go with a Ford or Chevy Chassi, Roadtrek,pleasureway,leisuretravel, there all about 8'6" tall. Or consider a RV cover made especially for a class B motorhome that would be


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Re: Class B's less than 9 feet tall?

Check out the 'pop top' available as an option on Sportsmobile conversions. Standard van height when travelling or parking, nearly 7' inside when using it. No AC on top (it is inside, under or over the Fridge, I think).