Class C Air-conditioning problems


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So I recently purchased a 1999 Class C ford Leprechaun RV and got a full workup to test everything. However the AC seems to switch the breaker in the RV around 2 or 3 pm everyday(the hottest part of the day). However it works from about 6pm till 2 or 3 pm. I read online and through other forums that this could be to low freon levels or that the ac needs recharged. But I can't find in the manuals which coolant to get because I also read there are 2 different types.

Is this something that I can take care of myself or should I get a professional?


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Sometimes it happens that a car has an AC problem that may create a lot of heating problems during the summers. Now anyone can choose the option where a complete set of accessories is available and it can provide the various AC tool kits that can help you to recharge the battery with fewer problems.