Class C Air Conditioning

[Pat] Is a 13,500 BTU Air Conditioner sufficient for a 31&#039 Class C motorhome or should I upgrade to a 15,000 BTU. I&#039m special ordering and this is one of the options.
Class C Air Conditioning

[Nash] Pat, I think you would be much better with the 15000 BTU unit in a 31 ft M/H. It would cool much better and remove more moisture.
Class C Air Conditioning

[Gary B] Hi Pat, it depends on what part of the country you&#039ll spend most of your time in if your in ND/MN etc 13500 is enough, but if you&#039er in Tex/Az etc. 15000 probaly is barely enough. Good luck GB
Class C Air Conditioning

[mark c] I would like to add that a 31 foot unit should have 2 air units that is a long unit to have 1 unit take care of that rv
I would also questions any company that would offer it with 1 13500 unit for a 31 foot rv it may be central and that may make a difference