Class C Frt End Align/Tire Rotate

Where do YOUgo for a front end alignment and tire rotation on your Chevy Class C?

We asked the RV dealer and they said we have to go to Chevy dealer that handles trucks. (1 in tri-county area) We checked with Camping World and they don't do it either. :dead: :dead:

We found a local Goodyear repair that says he can do it but this has got to be easier! So......WHERE DO YOU HAVE THIS DONE? :eek: :eek:
Thanx! :) :approve:
Class C Frt End Align/Tire Rotate

Any big truck garage will do it, international, mack, kenworth. etc.
I had mine done at a big truck spring/brake repair shop. They work on trucks and RV's.
Class C Frt End Align/Tire Rotate

I have my GMC cube van (same chassis) alligned at my local tire shop that does truck tires.
Class C Frt End Align/Tire Rotate

A cube van is a "class C cargo truck". The front looks like a van and there is a cargo box on the back usually with a roll up door in the rear. Sometimes there is access to the cargo box from the cab.
Class C Frt End Align/Tire Rotate

In Houston there are Ford dealers that sell trucks. Their service departments do the work on RV's also. (The Ford part.) Don't expect the sweety-pie service treatment, though. These are TRUCK people! ;)

I should mention that I just had Bayou City Ford do some "check engine light" service on mine. They warned me over the phone that all they could promise was to "get to it in a couple of days." However, I was in by 10AM, and they called me about 3:30PM to pick it up. Did some extra Ford recall stuff, too. I was pleased.