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we just purchased our first ever motor home,2005 coach house platinum, 27'. we aretrying to decide what kind of vehicle to have to tow when we expect we will need it. any ideas, please.
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the smaller the better. GM has the most towables without a lot of trouble. I tow a Neon with a tow pump ( my second neon) and have not had any problems but it is one more thing you have to do to make it towable all 4 down. Alot of SUVs are towable but kid of heavy. I had a tow dolly for a while and it was a pain. All 4 down is much easery. I guess it all comes down to personal prefferance.
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If you could give me some more information on exactly which model Platinum you have, I can look up the maximum allowable "toad" weight through the latest copy of the RV Consumer Group CD.

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If your coach is on the E-450 chassis, you should be able to tow up to 5000 lbs. We have a 31' 05 Minnie and tow an 05 Jeep Liberty with no problems.


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Chevy. tracker automatic 4X4 and is a great toad. Under 300lb. transmission in park 4 wheel drive in nuetral emergancy brake off and you are ready. Is reccomended to not go over 55 mph and you need to crank engine ever 200miles. We have towed ours for over 22000 without any problems well, other than the time in came loose in Canda but, that was not the trackers fault. 2004 was the last model made.