Classic Cruiser


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Hello to all. I am new to the site and have read some good things on here so far. I love to camp and have done mostly tent camping in my life. I have never owned a RV myself but now I am looking to possibly get one. I have been out just looking at some small "pulling" type of campers and I liked the Classic Cruiser. I was wondering if anyone on here had any first hand information on these campers or any other good suggestions for a newby. Thanks for any input. Happy camping!!!

DL Rupper

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Re: Classic Cruiser

Hey jpegramjr, welcome to the forum. I noticed you posted a similar thread a couple of days ago and didn't get any response. I don't think you are being ignored it's probably a case of no expertise or information on the RV in question. Hang in there, someone will probably come along and know something about the Classic Cruiser. The weekends are rather slow on the RV Forums. :)