Cleaning my awing?

Ok, so as you all know by now, my big trip out for 2008 is only 9 days away :cool: Genterator working, inside all cleaned, elect stuff works, LP tanks work, furance works. Tools are all packed. Tires are check and ready.But I forgot to flush my water lines. So since it's nice tonight that's what I'm doing. It's still pretty windy here, so I'm not pulling down the awing. But do I clean it with just normal dish soap and water? Can someone help me with that question.
Now as you read my list, if I have forgotten to check something PLEASE let me know.
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Kerri, whatever you forgot you will remember 40 miles down the road! :) It sounds like you have good plans, but you didn't say what kind of RV you were using. Most RVs will need a leveling system.

I clean my awning with soap and water.
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I clean mine by adding a little bleach in water, putting it in a pump up sprayer, soaking the awning with it, roll awning up for 5 minutes, then unroll rinse it off really well and let dry. Gets rid of all the mold and comes out clean.
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Is your awning a bag awning? If so, wet it down with dawn dish soap and water, roll it up, and later unroll it and most of the crud will be gone - simply hose it off.
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Hi Dennis1949, I'm curious as to the ratio of bleach to water. When I bought my TT, it was sitting for 2 years With the awing retracted and still has some stubborn mildew stains. I'm going to try your suggestion but, don't want to over-do the bleach.

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Thanks for looking over my list. I have a Forest River 06 toy hauler. I have levelers on the camper. So that's nice. The awing cleaning ideas are great. It sounds like Saturday is my best bet here. I'll also start loading stuff in. I forget who told me about the Good Sam Club, but Thanks for the information (my card came yesterday). I found I hope a nice Good Sam campground in Walton, Ky. It's called Oak Creek Campgrounds. The women who handled my phone call was great. With that Sam club I got a road trip planner, even asked how many miles per gallon I get, made my trip for me ( that took a large stress level away)! :approve: So, just one more question. It's about driving with the LP tanks on or off. I know it's about an 8 hour drive for me. Sure would be nice to have cold stuff when I get there. So, since this group has walked me through so much, and always makes life a little sweeter, please just tell me. I don't believe we have any tunnels to go through. Then I'm good to go!
You know guys...this group is so nice for newbie's. Thanks!

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Oh boy. About the propane tanks being left on. I would love to tell you what I really think about that, but since we have had about all the fun on the forum we can handle this past week, I'll just say be sure to turn the propane and fridge off while you fill up the fuel tank. ;)

Fooled you all. :eek:

Kerri, if you take a lap top with you, check out your RV Parks on before making reservations or stopping for the night. Have a good trip.