Cleaning out Plumbing?

Hello All!!!

Is there anyway to clean out the water pipes from kitchen sink to grey tank?

Is there any product I can use, i.e. Liquid Plumr and the like?

Been using a fine net strainer in double sinks, but we've been living in the coach for many years, and I worry that there could be some build up in the pipes.

There used to be an AIR PUMP on the market many years ago....I can't find it anymore. Seems that air would be the safest thing to chemicals to damage pipes.

Anybody familiar with this?

As always....thank you all for your help!

PS. DH maybe coming home -- for good -- at the end of this month!!! Keep your fingers crossed!!! ;) :laugh:


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Re: Cleaning out Plumbing?

I would think the best clean out would be just plain old boiling or very very hot water and lots of it. Most down the sink would be food stuff and grease, the hot water would melt it out.



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Re: Cleaning out Plumbing?

I agree with Len. We are in our tenth year in this RV and about once or twice a quarter, we make a very large pot of boiling water. We first run a few gallons of hot water from the water heater through the drain, followed immediately by the boiling water, direct from the stove. We find that you need to do this to both drains of a double sink at the same time, or as nearly as possible.
Re: Cleaning out Plumbing?

Another good way to safely clean out your pipes in the rv & at home without using chemicals is to pour 1 cup of soda, 1 cup white vinegar, (let this boil for a while ) then follow with a big pan of HOT water. This works great & has no harsh chemicals.


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Re: Cleaning out Plumbing?

Never thought of that...I always used the hot water & Dawn(for the grease)
I'll try it out...thanks