Cleaning RV

What type of long-handled thingy works best for cleaning your RV after a trip? I bought a sponge mop but the angle is all wrong and I don't want to scrape the surface of the TT.
What do YOU use and WHERE did you find it?
Thanks, Campers!
Cleaning RV

We use one we bought at Wal-Mart.Has a brush like at a carwash,extandable handle.Seems to work fine and have no problems with it scraping our 5er.


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Cleaning RV

We bought one at Meijer that has a long extendable handle and large brush on the end. It connects to garden hose which makes it nice to keep surface wet and it has on/off button for water. We are on our second one because I dropped the first one from on top of the MH :disapprove: and broke the end(brush part) off. I contacted Turtle Wax Company and they replaced it at no cost :approve: . Best brush I have had...I can even use it on house and autos and boat.
It was about $15.00 if I remember correctly.