Cleaning trailer bathroom and shower

We are new to RVing and wonder what I can use to safely clean my RV glass shower doors, fiberglass insert and toilet. I am fearful of washing anything down into the grey water tank that might be harmful.

Cleaning trailer bathroom and shower

I keep hoping for a reply since many have viewed my question. Is it a really dumb question? I really am worried about putting harmful chemicals in the tank but perhaps since no one has replied, its obvious that I can use whatever I wish?

C Nash

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Cleaning trailer bathroom and shower

Hi Labbysmom,
Sure not a dumb question. Guess most of us men don't know what the wives clean with. Have to be careful and not use abrasive cleaners because it will scratch the plastics used in most. I would think a cleaner such as 409, simple green would be ok but have to beware of mixing chemicals in the holding tanks as some mixed together can cause harmful gases. If in doubt and no one can give you an answer go to your local camper and see what they recomend. Go on-line and order a catalog from camper city and campers choice and they will have the recomended cleaners.
Cleaning trailer bathroom and shower

Thanks for helping! I would definately use a non abrasive cleaner but was afraid of using pinesol or something like that.

I appreciate you taking the time to answer