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I'm just tired of people thinking they can just come on to this forum spewing their filth for all of us to see as innocent bystanders.

I can understand trying to counter some 'oneposter' getting on here giving him bad press, but there's absolutely no justification for the language and tone that he used. He won't get very many folks to read beyond his first sentence.

This is OUR HOUSE, and we don't walk through it after we've been out walking in the cow pasture! :angry:

C Nash

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Maybe he should try washing his mouth out with his product. Well since he typed it maybe he'll have to wash his typing finger. :angry:

Dalton Bourne

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Learning how to remove oxidation from RV decals can breathe life back into your motorhome, allowing you to showcase your vehicle wherever you go. First, you need wash your RV thoroughly to remove any dirt and surface impurities. Get a microfiber towel or a damp polish applicator and add enough amounts of the polishing compound. You can apply the polishing compound on a smooth sided, soft foam pad connected to the device. Get a dry cloth and buff the fiberglass gel coat RV decals until shiny. Wash and rinse to remove excess polishing compounds. Wipe the fiberglass gel coat surface with a dry cloth. You also need to apply wax because it is one of the best ways to protect RV decals.
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