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[Cliff] I have been searching for a smaller recliner for my 5ver. I need one that is a wall-hugger, and will swivel. One problem is space. I am limited to 31" width (because of the slide-out), and 5&#039 maximum when it is fully reclined. I want to put it in the space between the kitchen cabinet and end of the trailer where the tv lives. I would also like to be able to swivel toward the center of the trailer to face the couch (slide-out). The width is not a problem, the length is. The shortest one I could find is 5&#039 4" fully reclined. I also can&#039t find one that is a wall-hugger type, that will swivel. The Laz-E-Boy folks tell me that is not possible because of the mechanics. It can either rock and swivel, or wall-hug (a sliding motion), but not both. Looking at the bottom of them both, I can&#039t see why. Seems like a lazy susan type base would work fine. Am I missing something? Do any of you know of a manufacturer of smaller recliners that will do both?
Thanks in advance for any assistance.