Closed Gas Stations and gas increase of $1/gal?

Any F/T traveling thru SC,Ga and North Florida?????
I've heard this morning that there is a shortage of gas in
the above areas.Is it true?Did you have any problems to
fill-up?Your information is much appreciated.....parigi. :(


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Re: Closed Gas Stations and gas increase of $1/gal?

welcome, Atlanta is running short and SC is doing the same according to my son who live in SC, don't know about Fla
RE: Closed Gas Stations and gas increase of $1/gal?

This is complete bull! "closed gas stations and gas increase of $1./gal?" Where do you come up with this stuff? There is no gas shortage people!!! Stop spreading doom and gloom rumours. I am in North Florida right now and gas is $3.60-$3.70 area and there are no gas stations closed.

Bob :angry:
Re: Closed Gas Stations and gas increase of $1/gal?

I hope there's gas down south! We'll be headed that way next weekend. Going to Georgia, Florida, and then on to Texas and Arizona. You can go here to check to see how high the prices are: Gas Prices
RE: Closed Gas Stations and gas increase of $1/gal?

Good morning!
Easy Bob,I'm also planning to travel to SE Georgia ans I'm simply trying to verify
what I've heard on the news,(nbc,channel 5,Palm Beach).I thought this forum was open to sensible and informative question.
Thanks to all that have reply with information,have a pleasant week end!parigi.
RE: Closed Gas Stations and gas increase of $1/gal?

I have heard the same thing, long lines and gas shortages in Ala, Ga., Tenn. areas. I live in Louisiana and have seen first hand the damage in this area caused by recient hurricanes, Refineries were shut down and oil rigs in the Gulf were shut down. News here is that some refineries are not back up and running at this time.
We are planning a trip to Tennessee soon and are looking for reaurance that we can get fuel without long lines. We had problems in Baton Rouge for a while. We were without power for a week, damage was sever in parts of town. I would like to here from those in the areas of concern, Albama, Georgia, and Tennessee.
Thank you to those who provide first hand informatin on this issue.

DL Rupper

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Re: Closed Gas Stations and gas increase of $1/gal?

Hey Bob, I'm in Nevada and the National news reported stations running out of fuel in the South East U.S.
RE: Closed Gas Stations and gas increase of $1/gal?

Thanks to all that took the time to reply and also to those that did not take the posting
as an alarming one.Some times better to read carefully and and take everything with a grain of salt.
If I up set you Bob,I'm so sorry,we simply go by what we see in the tube an as you can see by the
previous post it was reported on CNBC>Anyhow thanks to all for your understanding!!!!!!
Happy travels!!!!! ;)
RE: Closed Gas Stations and gas increase of $1/gal?

We are currently in Salisbury, NC, and about 2/3 of the stations are NOT selling gas. It is also up about 30 Cents/Gal. Don't have first hand info about any other area, but this is fact here today!!
Re: Closed Gas Stations and gas increase of $1/gal?

Bob needs to know what he is talking about before blasting off.

I just saw on the Evening News that the Southeast is low on gas and that in Charlotte NC, 1 in 12 stations are OUT. Hopefully things willl get back to normal in about a week.
Re: Closed Gas Stations and gas increase of $1/gal?

I turned on 2 spigots this week! Don't know where it will end up, but somebody is going to be happy! :clown:

PS. BP started up their cat cracker a couple of days ago. They had water in their control rooms.
Re: Closed Gas Stations and gas increase of $1/gal?

Parigi, I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings, really, but the panic title that you used for this thread set me off. Things are not nearly as bad as the news media would have us believe. I have been traveling around central and north Florida this week and I have had no problems getting gas, nor did I see any unreasonable price hikes. I'm just a little sick of all the panic in the media lately. Seems like every night there is something else about to ruin us all. I'm really sorry that it was your post that pulled my trigger.

Tex, my old mammy always told me that I was a little too shy and reserved for my own good, I seem to be getting better now. :evil:

Grandview, I do know what I'm talknig about, there is no fuel shortage in North Florida, I don't believe everything I see on tv, the mainstream news media just love doom and gloom. I have seen the reports and they mostly seem to be talking about NC and Atlanta area, If the op fuels before Atlanta he will have smooth sailing into Florida, if he is going north, fuel before leaving Florida. At least my post stirred up some answers for the op. :clown:

Be safe ya'll,
Re: Closed Gas Stations and gas increase of $1/gal?

Well pal, the orginal poster asked about GA, SC, and northern FL. There are some shortages in GA, SC, NC. I am glad there is not in FL (according to you), but they will travel through some of the other states getting there. You went over the top, just a little.

Things will get back on track now that Tex has open the valves in his back yard. :laugh:


Re: Closed Gas Stations and gas increase of $1/gal?

well i can not comment on the other states ,, but here in TN we do have a shortage ,, Nasville is as of yesterday mostly out of gas ,, diesel was ok ,, and here where i am ,, most stations are out of reglar or mid grade ,, but alot got shipments today ,, thanks to tex :approve: ,, but Hotlanta was also in a big gas shortage ,, din't know how it turned out ,, or if they are still short on fuel ,, but it's getting better ,, and will with the weeks to come ,, as more pipe lines get back up and running ,, but JMO ;) :approve: :approve: :approve: :) :) :) :laugh: :laugh:


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Re: Closed Gas Stations and gas increase of $1/gal?

In the Charlottesville, VA area we are seeing some stations go a day or so without gas but the prices are staying in the range of $3.69 - $3.89.


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Re: Closed Gas Stations and gas increase of $1/gal?

According to the news the stations in SC, NC, Tenn, and Georgia have more demand than they have gas. The gas refinery manager himself was on and said he is sending as much as possible right now but stations are selling it all within the first three hours. No panic to it just plain old pure fact but some people would not believe it unless they were there. Like those who claim there was no holocaust.
Re: Closed Gas Stations and gas increase of $1/gal?

Don't have no use for gas, lol. But, here in southern Illinois diesel (as of yesterday) at the BP was $3.95 and at Phillips $4.09. We're going to buy a couple of extra five gallon diesel cans and fill them up before heading south! That will give us 15 gallons extra in case we can't find a stations when needed! ;)