Closure of free public dumping site


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Hi everyone! I just joined and wanted to share with you about the planned closure of a free public dumping site in Cambridge on Oct. 15th. If residents don't have a convenient and clearly marked location to empty their tanks, this could result in sewage being dumped into catchbasins and storm sewers because they may not necessarily understand that there are different types of sewers, and they don't know where your waste actually goes after you dump into a catchbasin and chase it with some grey water. That is exactly the kind of thing that we need to avoid for the cleanliness of our public waterways and drinking water sources. We've started a petition to ask the city to keep this site open and I'm hoping many of you can rally behind it and sign. You don't need to live in Cambridge to sign because if this can happen in our city it can happen anywhere. Here is the link! Please also share with your networks!
Thank you!