Clunk at stop light

I have a 2002 Dmax/Alli occasionally when waiting for a traffic signal to change I experience a clunk when the throttle is applied upon light acceleration.This usually happens after sitting for a couple of minutes with tranny in drive and foot on the brake,when brake is released and throttle is applied the clunking noise is sometimes heard.Have checked the U joints and tranny mounts all seem ok, any idea whats happening here.


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Clunk at stop light

Two of the common explanations usually given for the clunk are:
1. It is a normal sound of the Allison 1000 tranny. Stronger gears.etc. I noticed the clunk a few times when new, but can't recall any noises in the past yr.
2. Is the drive shaft a single shaft or double shaft? The noise is more common on the double shafts because of the trunnion connecting them. and changing over to a single shaft has eliminated the clunk for many DMax owners. Check with your dealer to see if there has been a fix covered by a TSB (tech service bulletin).
Two BIG websites for a search - and for LOTS of DuraMax info.
Hope I helped a lil bit.
Clunk at stop light

Thanks for the reply Zip,the truck does have the 2 piece drive shaft and I kind of suspect that might be the problem.Will check out the TSB and recall notices through the dealer and see what can be done.