Coach Batteries Won't Charge


I recently bought a 99 Gulfstream Sun Voyager Bus. I have been going around fixing all the stuff that needed doing, but now I am stumped.

The coach batteries don't seem to charge from the engine. They do charge when the generator is running. There must be a 12v switching curcit somewhere that is not working but I can't find it. Gulfstream does not seem interested in calling me back, the local dealer is booked till January, and doesn't even seem to have time to order parts for me. I sent them a list of parts I need, and I can't get a response..

Can anyone help me with the coach batteries not charging from the engine?
Does anyone know of a helpful Gulfstream dealer on the west coast?


Coach Batteries Won't Charge

John - I may well be wrong but I do not believe that the coach batteries are rigged to charge from the engine alternator.

On my unit the engine batteries are totally separate and maintain their charge when running. The coach batteries charge from the inverter when plugged in to power or when the generator is running (generator supplies AC power to the inverter and the inverter charges the batteries.

As far as getting in touch with Gulfstream - the secret to that (I found out by trial and error) is to get in touch with the customer service rep for your area of the country (you will most likely have to leave a voice mail message - but give them the skinny and your phone numer) - They have been good about calling me back - but it may take a little while.

Good luck on your Sun Voyager - I am having a ball with my Tourmaster - 1993

God Bless. Bill & Judy
Coach Batteries Won't Charge

Coach or house battery's are charged via one of two ways while driving down the road from the engines alternator.
The solenoid method uses a solenoid that puts the coach battery's in parallel with the starting battery's to allow all to be charged from the rigs alternator.
The isolator method uses an isolator that divides the output of the alternator to the two battery's. Once the key is off both methods isolate the starting battery's from the coach battery's. While stopped generators or shore power runs a converter that will then charge the coach battery's. This is all new to me too, hope this helps.

Coach Batteries Won't Charge

Good to see you again. How goes the revival project on that unit?

I am making serious headway on ours - but not without some costs.

So far I have installed 8 nitrogen cylinder lifts. 4 batteries. 2 new front steering tires (they were $400 each). A new 2000 watt inverter/charger. New interer light fixture. Have just received the brackets for the front sway bar that was broken off.

Just a sampling - lot more has been done and still have a lot to do but at least I will be ready for the road next spring.

Bill & Judy
Coach Batteries Won't Charge

Well Bill since I bought it I have installed 2 Group 29 Deep Cycle RV/Marine battery's (house), 2 new vent/fans (that stopped the water leaks), 3 30 watt Thinline florecent lites, and fixxed many loose ends, and if you can figure it out by the photo...the refrigerator works! ;)

Coach Batteries Won't Charge


I am pretty sure mine uses an isolator. I just can't find it. I guess I will spend more time crawling around under the motor home this weekend. Hopefully it won't rain.