Coachman Freelander 2130QB

Hi All...I'm New to the Board.

I saw a promo for the new 2008 Coachman Freelander 2130QB (23.7 ft)
at a dealer in Lawrenceville, GA for $49,995 (MSRP $70,930).

The dealer calls this special the "Louisville Promotion." Is this as great a deal as it seems? Is the Freelander a good model?

The layout is exactly what I'm looking for, so I'm curious about your feedback. Thanks!!

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I'm not familiar with that particular MH. However, many RV'ers like them. If in fact, the dealer actually has one available at that price, it's almost a 30% discount - it's a little early in the model year for that. Be aware that lemon buybacks and flood vehicles are being resold. I would give some serious thought to checking out the vehicle before plunking down any money! Take an inspection mirror with you and check out the under carriage for excess mud etc. Take with a grain of salt the dealers explaination of any excess mileage. And, if you still like it, have it checked out by a mechanic you trust. Just remember, there has been a lot of flooding in the midwest this year... just a word of caution. "Works for me...........eddielee"
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I would check the chassi it might be the new 08 coach design on the 07 chassi, if so you will be fine as the bugs have ben worked out on the chassi, do a search you will find tham at that price. but when you resell its the chassi year $ the bank goes buy.
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Thanks for your feedback guys. I really like the interior and the size is manageable.
I managed to get $50,200 out the door, so I'm driving down to Lawrenceville next weekend to pick it up.
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Hi there - just wanted to let you know we also purchased the Freelander 2130QB at a great price. We bought it in Sept and have been loving it since!! Perfect for me, my husband and our 4 legged pugmix baby! :laugh:


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Dealer are running that special all over the country. will give you another example. Coachmen is a nofrills RV, but in my opinion gives pretty good value to the consumer. On the other hand, with high current fuel prices, many dealers are offering good deals. of Savannah, GA is offering a Winnebago Access
28P, for about $53K, and I think that's also a good deal. Remember interest costs can be a big part of buying an RV, unless you can pay cash.

Both Coachmen & Winnebago hold the resale pretty well, according to the NADA guide. So might want to look a values from past years to get a better idea. Also be aware, that some dealers will try and sell you, high cost club memberships and extended warranties.
I think an extended warranty makes sense, if you buy it from a company like Good Sam.
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I just received my 21' Freelander last Friday (2008 on a 2007 chassis) and had a great week-end with it, first time out. 300 miles to St. Augustine KOA Florida. What are the other 21'ers getting per gallon. Only problem I had on this shake down cruise was the Micro wave oven door would not lock properly and thermostat was hard to put on and off. Any comments on this?
Thanks, Frank :)
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I have been driving a 21' Class C Tioga for the last 10 years and very rarely get over 10 miles per gallon. With a v-8 315 cubic inch motor I would doubt if anyone is getting much better and of course you'll lose mileage over 55 mph.
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Greetings all
I have read your comments about the Coachmen Freelander 213QB. I used to be a Coachmen District Manager and we made this specfic floorplan for dealer rental programs. The dealers wanted a ruggedly constructed model that could sleep 6 and still have a queen bed and massive storage. People refer to it as a 21' model however it is approx 23-24' in lenght. We at coachmen built a model for Freedom roads and private labeled it a freedom express, and then Coachmen sold it as a freelander. Freedom Express, Coachmen Freelander's and Georgie Boy Maverick's are exactly the same, except for name n exterior.

If you are in the market for one, I currently work at a dealership on the east coast and I have 2 pre-owned 08 models with almost NO miles on either and either unit can be purchased for $42,000 plus tax. My dealership also charges no hidden or adminstrative fee. :)

Please contact me directly at:
(704) 467-2834

Happy Holidays
Jeff Belanger