Coachman Sewer Attachment

I have an Aurora 34 foot Class A motorhome. Has anyone been able to attach a sewer hose to the very tight fitting attachment point and then snake it down the tube provided?


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Re: Coachman Sewer Attachment

I have a similar situation. I either use a 'flat' sewer hose (Level Upp) but good luck finding it these days. Or I use a 90 angle and the run the hose in a 'U' shape and then down through the hole. Or I use the 90 angle into a 12v macerator and several brass angles to get the output 1" hose down the tube. Good for long stays but very difficult and messy to disassemble for travel. I suppose I could use the 'Sewer Solution' water powered macerator, but the first and only time I tried it it clogged up, what a mess that was.
Re: Coachman Sewer Attachment

I have never had my Sewer Solution clog up in three years. Works just fine for me with 10 feet of hose or 30 feet of hose. You do need water, though. You can't dump without water.

And, you know what? I never even get my (gloved) hands wet!
Re: Coachman Sewer Attachment

Thanks for your comments. I think I finally solved my problem by removing the tube and using a very short piece of sewer hose. I was able to get the sewer hose on the tank outlet with a lot of difficulty. It will not come off now. The other end I attached to a similar outlet fitting as the tank. I fastened that piece with a steel plate to the bay. Now I have a fitting similar to the tank outlet except it is now on the bottom of the bay. This will now work with either my sewer solution or a standard hose fitting.